The Secret to Get Your Tax Refund at the Earliest

Author: Jonas Akula Where is my federal tax refund? Here is one question that people ask after filing their tax returns. If you want to get your refund faster than others, you must do certain things. Unfortunately, not many people know of the things they need to do to fasttrack the whole thing.  In 2020, [...]

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3 Things CFO’s Do in Assisting Companies

Author: Jonas Akula What does CFO do? Now, this is a golden question that many people want to know. Your business might need a CFO or Chief Financial Officer's services if you're going to take your business to the next level.  Trying to understand their roles and responsibilities is not going to be easy. If [...]

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7 Tax Changes That Did Occur in 2020

Author: Jonas Gihone Akula You must submit your taxes before the IRS deadline if you do not want to get any penalty. Your refund will reach you faster when you take care of this aspect. However, it is also vital for you to check the changes in the tax structure and process before filing your [...]

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Everything You Need to Learn About Child Tax Credit

'How much child tax credit can I get?' is the question many people have. It is exciting to see that the American Rescue Plan offers more benefits to taxpayers when compared to 3rd stimulus payment. This plan came into existence on 11th March 2021. It has a significant update that affects the child tax credit.  [...]

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